Tips for Saving Money in College

August 16th, 2016 by

Money is tight when you’re in college, forcing you to become thrifty and develop your money management skills. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years for saving money in college.

Take advantage of campus activities. Instead of going out and spending money, look for events on campus. Your college most likely offers movie nights and other social gatherings that are either really cheap or completely free.

Buy used. This goes for textbooks, clothes, mini fridges, everything. Almost every bookstore has a used section and you can always look online to see if people are selling old textbooks cheap. Many colleges also host a sale at the beginning of the semester where they sell things past students gave away or left behind. This can be a great place to get dishes and cheap electronics.

Opt for a cheaper meal plan. Be realistic about how much food you eat and choose the correlating meal plan. It may also be worth it to choose a basic meal plan and supplement with groceries. Do you really need your meal plan to cover breakfast if all you eat is a granola bar?

Always make a shopping list. Whether you need new school supplies or it’s your weekly trip to the grocery store, always make a list. A list will ensure you get everything you need, but will also help limit wandering and impulse purchases as you shop.

Avoid name brands. Believe me, the generic chocolate sandwich cookies are just as yummy as Oreos. There’s no need to spend the extra buck for a name brand product and those bucks add up fast.
Need help managing your finances in college? Here are some courses that can help you out: Paying for College, Credit


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