Careers in Elementary Education

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A degree in elementary education allows you to enter one of the most rewarding professions, teaching young children and preparing them for future schooling. An elementary school teacher works hard each day to develop the minds and attitudes of future generations. This career path requires compassion, patience and a desire to help children learn.

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The first step towards a career in elementary education is a bachelor’s degree, which will take about four years to complete. Over the course of your education you’ll learn how to work with young students of different ages and abilities and how to create lesson plans.

A bachelor’s degree in elementary education often includes field work, such as student teaching, which is often completed at the same time as teaching certification requirements. Teaching certification differs state-to-state, so you’ll need to find out what your state requires. Some states require you to receive a master’s degree after initial teacher certification to teach.


Elementary school teachers are typically certified to teach preschool through sixth grade, but this also varies state-to-state. As an elementary school teacher, you will cover multiple subjects throughout the day and teach important concepts such as problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. There is also the opportunity to teach special classes, such as art, music and physical education.

Dedicating your life to educating will require you to be creative. You will need to make lesson plans that keep young students engaged in learning and can be adapted to their needs. Teaching also requires patience and the ability physically, mentally and emotionally keep up with students.

Salary and job outlook
According to, elementary school teachers earned an average of $54,550 per year as of 2014. The field is expected to grow about 6 percent over the next ten years, about as fast as average.

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