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November 7th, 2014 by

iStock_000009717433_MediumAs an adult looking to go back to school, it can be difficult to imagine fitting in classes and homework into your already busy life.

A new program at Keuka College called ASAP intends to make that balance a little bit easier. ASAP stands for Accelerated Studies for Adults Program and it is designed to meet the needs of busy, active adults with classes being offered at more than 20 community colleges and hospitals throughout New York State. Students attend classes held one night each week with one course being taken at a time. It’s easy for students to work around because each class is four hours and assignments are completed when convenient for each individual student.

The ASAP program delivers its classes in a seminar format with a personalized, collaborative learning environment where classes bring together the work experience and skills of students and faculty. Students attend their classes in the same groups throughout their specific program.

Students come to the program from every level — some of the participants are starting out right from school, others are returning after time off. No matter what your background, the ASAP program offers many areas of support including a Writing Support Center and tutors who review your work and provide feedback and suggestions within 24 hours.

Additionally, ASAP offers academic resources and allows students to access the academic library experience from their own homes; it is complete with online journals and databases at the ready for your research. Dedicated librarians provide round the clock assistance with research, interlibrary loans from nearby libraries, and finding the proper sources.

Career planning and development is a large part of the ASAP program and students have access to the Career Services Center where they work to develop a career plan, sharpen their resume, practice interview skills and making career transitions. The center also allows students to connect with alumni for networking purposes and attend career fairs and events.

If you’re working many hours to put yourself through school, the Keuka ASAP program might be the right fit for you. Because of its wide offering, if you are a New York State resident there is most likely a location close to home. If you’re not in New York State, check with your local schools to see if there is a similar program that can meet your needs. Either way, make sure to find a program that offers you the proper resources and support you need and also lets you balance a busy life and a new academic future.

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