Mark A. Gabis Stepping Stone Scholarship

January 12th, 2015 by

iStock_000016167666Sometimes you need a little emergency fund to help us stay on track with higher education.

The Mark A. Gabis Stepping Stone Scholarship is available for students for needs that come up and prevent them from attending classes. Its purpose is to keep students from having to drop out for reasons like car repairs, gas money, medicine, etc. It is not intended to be used for on-going living expenses like rent, house payment, car payment, electric bill, etc.

This scholarship can also be used to pay for certification exams, board exams, or other exams to further the student’s qualifications that would help them obtain the job they want upon graduation.

This scholarship application can be submitted anytime. However, the applications are only reviewed on the 1st and 3rd week of each month. The range of the scholarship amount is $50-$300 dollars per student, and is paid directly to the student. A student can only access Stepping Stone Scholarship funds one time.

To be eligible for this scholarship, take note of the following requirements:
• Submit application
• Submit administrator form
• Must be at least in the second quarter/semester to apply
• Must follow the essay guidelines provided

> To apply online visit


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