Keeping Your Health On Track During Winter

November 29th, 2016 by

Thanksgiving is behind us and now the major  holiday season looms ahead. With frost covering the ground and the prospect of snow no longer being a prospect for some regions, it can be hard to stay motivated to exercise — especially when it’s cold and there’s still leftover stuffing in the fridge. Here are six ways to stay motivated and keep your health on track this winter.

Find a friend. Having a workout buddy who will commit to joining you for morning jogs is a great way to stay motivated. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable and knowing someone is waiting for can be exactly what you need to get out of bed and into shape.

Warm up. Set your heater on a timer so it’s start warming your house before you wake up. If the temperature outside the covers is comfortable, you’ll be more likely to throw off the duvet and put on your running shoes.

how-to-stay-motivated-to-runPrepare ahead of time. This can be wearing workout clothes to bed or placing your sneakers next to your slippers. The easier it is to get ready, the more likely you’ll follow through. If you’re going outside, make sure your hat and gloves are ready too.

Take advantage of social. Exclaiming your dedication on Facebook, Twitter or your blog can help strengthen your commitment. You’ll be more likely to follow through if you’re telling your friends and family your fitness goals. Running and fitness apps also allow you to stay accountable — and the accolades from your friends won’t hurt either!

Find an exercise you love. Winter can be the perfect time to try out all of the classes you didn’t bother with over the summer. Look at your local gym or rec center for yoga, kickboxing, Zumba or pilates. Try different things until you find something you love to do.

Lastly, don’t let yourself feel guilty. Fitness isn’t about being perfect. Remind yourself that it’s okay to skip a workout and have some hot cocoa instead once in awhile. Life is about balance. Let go of guilt and enjoy yourself this holiday season.

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