The Auto i and Other Tech That Revolutionizes the Way We Drive

July 20th, 2016 by

Technology can often be seen as a threat to our driving, but it can also be the solution to building better and safer driving habits. We’ve found three innovative technologies to help you and your loved ones drive safe and distraction-free.


LifeSaver is an app that detects when you’re driving and automatically disables phone functions. The app allows the driver to receive hands free inbound calls and hear GPS instructions, but all other apps become blocked while the car is in motion. The app now comes with the Driver Portal, which allows parents and loved ones to set driving guidelines, monitor behavior and reward drivers for distraction-free driving. If a teen unlocks their phone or disables their phone’s GPS tracking while driving, parents receive a notification on their smart phone. LifeSaver also sends an alert to let loved ones know you arrived at your destination safely.

Lifesaver is available on iTunes and Google Play

69715ab2bc28313e37beec5272fd8365_originalAuto i

The Auto i is a 360 dash cam security system that connects users to their vehicles. You install the small device beside your rearview mirror. If the car is involved in an accident or broken into, Auto i alerts the vehicle owner and sends the 15 seconds of footage prior to impact to your smart phone. Auto i sends out a verbal warning when involved in an impact or being broken into to alert the perpetrators that the camera is recording them. The device includes a GPS locator so you can find your car in the event of its being stolen, when it’s being used by another family member or when it’s lost in a crowded parking lot. You can also watch your teenager’s driving habits and make sure they are driving safe and without distractions.

Pre-order the Auto i on Kickstarter

Cobra JoyRide

Cobra JoyRide is a car charging device and app compatible with Android smartphones. The device plugs into your car’s 12v power port and has a USB port to connect your phone. The JoyRide app will launch a driving mode window upon connecting your device to the charger. Driving mode limits the apps you can use while the car is moving. You can customize driving mode and choose several apps you want access to while driving, such as GPS or your favorite music player but all other apps become blocked. You can toggle between functions, manage apps, answer calls and voice search simply by tapping the charger. The app also comes equipped with a GPS car locator. Cobra JoyRide is great for helping you remove distractions while still maintaining access to some apps.

Cobra JoyRide is available on Amazon

Looking for more information on safe driving? Take our “Distracted Driving” course.


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