Careers in Interior Design

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The primary purpose of an interior designer is to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Someone in this field needs to be creative and communicative. This career is far more than curtains and throw pillows, but also deals with the interior structure and design of a building.  


Earning your bachelor’s degree in interior design is going to be the best way to become a certified designer. A bachelor’s degree will take about four years to complete and will include courses in design, computer-aided design (CAD), drafting, textiles and color theory. You may also take classes like architectural and art history. Your classes will mostly be a mix of theory (lectures) and practical (lab) courses.  

During the course of your studies, you’ll want to keep examples of your work for a portfolio that you’ll eventually show your future employers or clients. After you’ve graduated, you’ll also need to work towards becoming licensed by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). There are several paths to certification that involve completing a certain amount of work hours prior to sitting an examination. Check out the NCIDQ website to look at all the possible options.


Interior designers both plan and decorate interior spaces. They often work closely with architects during the drafting phase to create safe and comfortable living spaces. This means they assist with floor plans, choosing where windows, cabinets and fixtures should be placed.

Other interior designers work on buildings that are completed. This can range from choosing countertops and wall color to selecting furniture and decorations.

Salary and Job Outlook

Interior designers earn a median salary of $47,600 per year and the market for interior designers is expected to grow 13 percent over the next decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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