Book Review | Back to School

January 27th, 2015 by

Blank white book w/path“Back to School: 1,001 Facts You Learned and Forgot in High School” by Benjamin Smith is the book every learner needs to pick up before possibly heading back into the classroom.

Written by a former high school principal and teacher, Smith enjoys reminding people of facts they already learned.

The book is written in larger type and broken up into periods, reminiscent of the periods used during high school. The first period covered is English, moving on to science, geography and so on — only to end on the last chapter: the final exam. Twenty quick multiple choice questions greet you at the end to validate your time spent with the book.

The chapters about sports and foreign languages are interesting and add a well-rounded approach to the book. When working with textbook-style facts, this book could have been a lot to digest, but the author instead makes it easy to want to read it — and learn something!

Whether you are going back to school or maybe just want a refresher about what your kids are talking about at the dinner table, this easy read will be sure to bring back memories of the lessons you forgot you already knew.

You can find this book on Amazon.

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