Best and worst entry-level jobs

May 7th, 2015 by

Business TalksWith graduation season nearly upon us, the personal finance website WalletHub recently released its 2015 Entry-Level Jobs Report, which takes stock of the first-timer employment landscape by comparing 109 different types of entry-level positions based on 11 key metrics ranging from starting salaries to industry growth rate.

Here are the best and worst jobs according to the report:

Best Entry-Level Jobs
1. Training Specialist
2. Web Applications Developer
3. Network Engineer
4. Attorney
5. Environmental Engineer
6. Software Engineer
7. Designer – Web
8. Information Security Analyst
9. Financial Analyst
10. Programmer

Worst Entry-Level Jobs
100. Welder
101. Building Inspector
102. Policy Processing Clerk
103. Electronics Assembler
104. Boilermaker
105. Claims Processing Clerk
106. Consumer Loan Servicing Clerk
107. Refinery Operator
108. Sheetmetal Mechanic
109. Floor Assembler

Some of the highlights from the survey:

• Certified occupational therapist assistants are expected to see the most job growth by 2022 (42.6%).

• While web application developers, web designers, software and network engineers, and programmers are all among the 10 Best Entry-Level Jobs, computer operators have the grimmest outlook, interestingly enough – with 17% of jobs in the field projected to be cut by 2022.

For the full report, please visit Wallet Hub.

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